Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forget QVC, It's All About Etsy!

As said in my last blog post, the Boyfriend and I haven't been gallivanting as much as we used to and that pretty much includes places like the mall for two reasons:

1) I'm not much of an actual window shopper. I don't like walking from store to store seeing all the things I can't buy. I like going when I know I need to get something and am guaranteed to walk out with it.

2) Whether or not I actually need something, I always feel compelled to buy something. Like, really compelled. (See: "$30 for Sloppy Joe sauce?? That's ridiculous!.....It must taste really good...maybe we should buy it...")

So lately I've taken to perusing Etsy. I'll admit, I started stalking the site because Jenny the Bloggess and Kandee the Make-Up Artist posted links to two amazing stores.

And I've come to the realization that I can't even be trusted inside virtual malls! I've already made 3 separate impulse buys! I don't regret the purchases because, in all honesty, they're pretty rad but wow...
I can't even try that thing in the movie where you hide your credit card (in my case, my debit card) inside a block of ice in the freezer.
Because shopping online means all you need to know is the password to your PayPal account *sigh*

Come be apart of my addictions! Here's the stuff I've bought lately: (And the links where to get them!)

88 Matte Palette
34 Piece Make-Up Brush Set
Emerald Courtship
India's Charm
Octopus Necklace

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Roxanne said...

I think the mall thing is why I started catalog shopping. Ask Tony, the UPS man has been santa clause for decades :) At least with the catalogs I have to make the effort to call or log on to buy something. Meanwhile I just turn the corner down on the items I like in the catalog and I may or may not remember to order something...