Friday, June 12, 2015

In My Defense...

I'm a terrible blogger :'(
That is all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chambers of the Mausoleum

Ack! I'm a horrible blogger.
Or maybe my Life is just too boring to write about...

Anyhow, my birthday is on Saturday. I've been planning a party for it for a few weeks now and it just so happens that I came down with a cold on Tuesday night.

I'm now on a mission to get better in 24 hours which includes round the clock meds and spicy lemon grass soup.

On another note, I'm still trying to find the direction for this blog to take. Mostly I've been using it to review places I've gone to or things I've tried. I guess I could stick with that but I haven't been out as much because October has been a rough month for me. Hopefully I'll something interesting to write about soon...

Last Fun Place I Went To:

Coffin Creek

I love Halloween Time because it's my FAVORITE holiday and right next to my birthday. I love all the spookiness of this time of year so I can't skip going to a few haunted mazes before the month's up. One maze that was a local attraction was the Chambers of the Mausoleum. It used to be located in Riverside but got moved this year. It's now turned into Coffin Creek which houses more mazes and a haunted hayride. I went in a group of 5 and we all purchased wristbands to be able to experience all they had to offer. The Chambers of the Mausoleum is STILL the best attraction, it has amazing movie quality effects and a different way of walking through it than most mazes. If you're a local, I definitely recommend checking it out. A wristband costs $30 and includes 3 walk through mazes, 1 haunted hayride, and 1 comedy show.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fancy, Shmancy-ness

Well, a lot of things have happened since my last post but I won't bore anyone with the details. To sum it up, I'll just say that it definitely hasn't been a smooth road and things are still on shaky ground. But one thing I'm learning from my BIOL 5 class is that stressing about Life can be dangerous for ones health so I'm trying to live in the here and now.

This past weekend, the Boyfriend and I spent two nights in Las Vegas. It was on business but we still tried to have some fun while we were out there. We had lunch as this super fancy (and expensive hehe) French cafe. It's called Petrossian Lounge and it's located in the Bellagio. We'd been there once before because I have a fondness for cultural cuisine and they have pretty decent Caviar.

Boyfriend indulged in a cigar and I had the Caviar Waffles. I don't know what kind of Caviar they use, probably the farm-grown kind, but they put it on top of little waffle squares with some red onion and creme. It's actually really good if you like Caviar in the first place.  

The best thing about the place? Great live Pianist and it's super cozy. You can sit on couches if opt out on chairs. And it's the perfect place to people watch when you're feet need a rest!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forget QVC, It's All About Etsy!

As said in my last blog post, the Boyfriend and I haven't been gallivanting as much as we used to and that pretty much includes places like the mall for two reasons:

1) I'm not much of an actual window shopper. I don't like walking from store to store seeing all the things I can't buy. I like going when I know I need to get something and am guaranteed to walk out with it.

2) Whether or not I actually need something, I always feel compelled to buy something. Like, really compelled. (See: "$30 for Sloppy Joe sauce?? That's ridiculous!.....It must taste really good...maybe we should buy it...")

So lately I've taken to perusing Etsy. I'll admit, I started stalking the site because Jenny the Bloggess and Kandee the Make-Up Artist posted links to two amazing stores.

And I've come to the realization that I can't even be trusted inside virtual malls! I've already made 3 separate impulse buys! I don't regret the purchases because, in all honesty, they're pretty rad but wow...
I can't even try that thing in the movie where you hide your credit card (in my case, my debit card) inside a block of ice in the freezer.
Because shopping online means all you need to know is the password to your PayPal account *sigh*

Come be apart of my addictions! Here's the stuff I've bought lately: (And the links where to get them!)

88 Matte Palette
34 Piece Make-Up Brush Set
Emerald Courtship
India's Charm
Octopus Necklace

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Donuts + Chickens = Yum?

So my lack of blogging is attributed to the fact that my car decided to stop working on me.
It overheated 8 hours into a 10 hour drive to Fallon, where we were trying to attend a funeral for the Boyfriend's Great-Grandpa.

When we got back home, we were told the pistons on the engine were damaged and a head gasket was blown. In short, we were S.O.L.

So I had to go to the dealership and finance a car. Sure that sounds easy but I had my previous car since I was 16...and my mommy and daddy got it for me. I will say this, the guys who work at the dealerships are like ninjas! We pulled in and there were 2 guys standing outside. We took our eyes off them for 1 minute to park and suddenly there were 6 of them!

So since I now have a monthly car payment again, I haven't been able to buy stuff or go out as often.
In other words, my life is too boring to blog about.

But I did go to the L.A. County Fair on Sunday! Boyfriend won me a Keroppi doll and I won a Domo-Kun <3
We mostly spent our money on food though. We had Pink's Famous Chili Dogs (they have an actual store that people line up outside to eat at in Hollywood), Dr. Bob's Ice Cream, Chocolate-Covered Bacon, and finally...Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwiches.

Just roll me into the morgue now, I'm surprised I didn't have a mini-stroke!
Also, all those calories lost from foam-sword fights are back, ten-fold *sigh*

If you're wondering if the Boyfriend and I liked them, the answer is "Yes"

If you too would like to gain weight fast, here are some links for your pleasure:
Pink's Famous Hot Dogs
Dr. Bob's Ice Cream