Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Absinthe, Cheese, and Music Oh My!

The boyfriend and I ventured over to Claremont this past Sunday to try out this new restaurant that I've had my eye on, the Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue Lounge!

I only needed to read the outside menu to know I wanted to come someday. I love kitties! I love cheesy fondue! (Well I love cheese in general) And I'm fond of Jazz! Besides, the boyfriend was in a Jazz band when he was little so I know he would enjoy it too. (Look at me, being all considerate! Fighting back the Youngest Child Syndrome, one moment at a time).

It doesn't open til' 6:30 in the evening but stays open til' 2 am which the night owl in me appreciates. Speaking of owls, I got a cute owl stamped onto my hand because you have to be 21& up to get in and they brand you so that the waitresses know you didn't just slide in.

This place is super cozy as you can see in the picture below which I got off their website:

We got the Baked Macaroni, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, Beef & Seafood Fondue, 2 shots of Absinthe, and to finish it off, Brulee Cheesecake. Everything was delicious but the atmosphere is what really made it cool. All in all, we spent $101 (including tip). We're certainly not going to be doing it every night but we will DEFINITELY come back for the tunes and cheesecake!

Try It For Yourself (: Meow!

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Rudy said...

It sounds awesome. I love cheese and jazz and cats too!!! Not so much absyinthe. I'm not a fan of licourice. Is that how you spell it? No? Oh well.

Where is this magical jazz cat fondue place?