Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fancy, Shmancy-ness

Well, a lot of things have happened since my last post but I won't bore anyone with the details. To sum it up, I'll just say that it definitely hasn't been a smooth road and things are still on shaky ground. But one thing I'm learning from my BIOL 5 class is that stressing about Life can be dangerous for ones health so I'm trying to live in the here and now.

This past weekend, the Boyfriend and I spent two nights in Las Vegas. It was on business but we still tried to have some fun while we were out there. We had lunch as this super fancy (and expensive hehe) French cafe. It's called Petrossian Lounge and it's located in the Bellagio. We'd been there once before because I have a fondness for cultural cuisine and they have pretty decent Caviar.

Boyfriend indulged in a cigar and I had the Caviar Waffles. I don't know what kind of Caviar they use, probably the farm-grown kind, but they put it on top of little waffle squares with some red onion and creme. It's actually really good if you like Caviar in the first place.  

The best thing about the place? Great live Pianist and it's super cozy. You can sit on couches if opt out on chairs. And it's the perfect place to people watch when you're feet need a rest!


Roxanne said...

Grandma Cox really likes caviar. Me, not so much, but I like the sound of the place. Maybe next time

Roxanne said...

You'll have to let Grandma Cox know you like caviar. She's a fan too. I like to idea of the place, people watching and more - but I'd skip the caviar